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Daniel is an independent recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and lover of improvisation and instrumental fusion music. 

He is self-taught and does all his own playing and recording.  As a child, he suffered an accident that caused his right arm to become paralyzed from the shoulder down. His arm slowly healed, but his hand has remained mostly paralyzed to this day. He has had to adapt his playing because of his injury.  He is a proud father of 3 and is an IT professional in the healthcare industry.


Daniel be heard playing:

Ibanez 6-string Electric Bass
Rogue Acoustic guitar 
Keystation 88 Mkiii MIDI controller - Piano/Synth/Rhodes
DAW'S: Caustic, Ableton, Studio One 6

He currently has 21 albums on all major platforms.

"Music is one of the last frontiers where man can still fearlessly explore the unknown, discover riches, pass on knowledge, gain secret insights, face themselves, heal, and be simultaneously young and timeless. It grants us the opportunity to carry the torch of adventure, which has very few places left to illuminate in the world today. "
- Daniel Natter

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