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Born April 11th, 1978 - Daniel Natter first found the fire for music as a child.  When listening to The Drummer Boy on an old record player, he was impacted deeply and moved by the way the music made him feel. He was not aware that music would become his passion in life until much later.  Suffering from an accident that left his right arm crippled, he was forced to learn to do everything left-handed.  He believes that this impacted his way of thinking and viewing the world. Becoming heavily influenced by Jazz Fusion and Progressive Rock in his late teens, he decided to pick up a guitar and try it out with no intention of taking it seriously.  Due to his injury, he needed to form a completely unique way of playing and his approach needed to be adapted to his right-hands uniqueness.  A neighbor and now lifelong friend and brother named Samuel Lonigro, who played drums, started to invite Daniel to jam in the basement.  After many hundreds of hours of playing, they formed a group named Cockwork and won the battle of the bands at the local high school. From there Daniel was hooked.  Since that time, he has switched his main instrument to the electric bass, finding that it compliments his unique approach to strings. He has had the honor of playing in many groups, and with some amazing musicians since that time, playing all over the Chicago-land area. He is eternally grateful to all the musicians who have inspired and changed his life forever.  This includes but is not limited to Eric Leibing, Nate Haas, Sam Lonigro, Tiffany Natter, Nate Winchell, Stuart Tilton, Ryan Khulman, Dave Miller, and more.  His music convey's his love for his influences, as well as his passion for esoteric spiritual meanings and philosophies.  He is currently composing and producing music using DAW software.  His goal is to create music in which he imagines himself playing each instrument in his minds eye, and he inspires to create authentic sounding organic music using modern digital technology.

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