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All songs written and produced by Daniel Natter using Caustic DAW. The goal is to use an electronic platform in order to express musical concepts and ideas. The artist uses improvisation when writing. When he creates melodies and improvised sections, they are inspired in the moment and he rarely goes back to edit them. He wants the music to be an honest reflection of what was being created in that moment, and move on and continue to create. He writes and crafts each part by hand.  There is no use of any pre-made loops. Each part is written and composed by Daniel, with the exception of cover songs. Albums and tracks are available for purchase to support the artist, or you can listen for free on SoundCloud.  Thank you for your support!  -Cheers

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Caustic DAW is known as a Digital Audio Workshop application that can be used both on PC, as well as mobile phone. It is, in my opinion, the most intuitive DAW applications ever made and is provided completely free by the brilliant creator.  You can find it in the Google Play store and at the following site:

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